Buy damaged vehicle for the best price

Buy damaged vehicles for the best price

20 000+ auctions every year! No doubt, you will find something to choose from as they are updated daily!

Buy damaged vehicle for the best price
  • Vehicles with defects
    Vehicles with

    Sometimes vehicle only needs a small repair. Compete for vehicles, win an auction and the vehicle will be yours.

  • Insurance auctions

    At Autoa you will find vehicles that are damaged, had an accident or have other defects. Buy them for the best price.

  • Other vehicles for dismantling
    Other vehicles
    for dismantling

    Vehicles presented on our platform are often no longer suitable for journeys. They can be used for dismantling only. Buy a vehicle for dismantling.

You will receive notifications about new auctions every morning!
No hassle!
You will receive notifications about new auctions every morning!

Are you worried that you would need extra staff for vehicle search and daily biddings? We hurry to calm you that you will receive notifications of new and ending auctions straight to your inbox every morning.

  • Select settings and we will choose offers applicable to you.
  • View the latest auctions quickly and easily every time you open a newsletter.
  • When you find the right vehicle, place your bids.

It is very easy to log in and start bidding

No long questionnaires, contract signatures and other bureaucracy.
  • Register 1

    In just a few minutes, you will fill in the necessary information about your company.

  • Confirm 2

    You will receive an email after registration. Confirm your registration by clicking the provided link. After logging in – confirm your phone number.

  • Start bidding 3
    Start bidding

    After paying a one-time fee of 30 EUR, you can start bidding. Let the best win!

Set Autobidder
Make your search easier

Set Autobidder

Already selected a vehicle, but don't want to monitor latest biddings? Take advantage of an automatic bidding and every time someone places a bid, we'll raise the price for you to a set amount you're willing to pay.

Set Autobidder