Privacy policy

  1. Common provisions

    1. UAB "VDB Digital group" website's (hereinafter – the Website) privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy Policy) sets the main principles and rules of private data management, following which the owner of the Website UAB "VDB Digital group" uses private data of Customers and Users.
    2. All concepts used in Privacy Policy are interpreted based on the rules of use of UAB "VDB Digital group" Website (hereinafter – the Rules). This Privacy Policy is the appendix to the Rules and is an integral part of them.
    3. UAB "VDB Digital group" remains the right to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy announcing it in the Website. Changes of Privacy Policy take effect on the day of their announcement in the Website. Customer or User is considered to accept the new Privacy Policy version if after the Privacy Policy change or addition to it they do not report their refusal to use the Website to UAB "VDB Digital group" in writing and continue to use the Website.
  2. Confirmations and responsibilities

    1. By logging in and using the Website, Users confirm that they have have carefully read the provisions of this Privacy Policy and agree that data (including private data) submission and its use in the Website is considered proper consent to manage this data by UAB "VDB Digital group" as long as it is necessary for the Website to assure its functioning and servise provision.
    2. By submitting, editing or managing the data by other means in the Website, User assures to have the right to manage the data this way and assumes full responsibility for potential loss and claims by UAB "VDB Digital group" and (or) third parties arising from unlawful management of this kind of data.
    3. UAB "VDB Digital group" is not responsible for incidents when Customer's or User's private data is being unlawfully changed, disclosed, destroyed, Customer's or User's identity is being stolen or other unlawful actions are being made using Customer's or User's private data disclosed to third parties or log in data due to the fault or negligence of Customer or User themselves that arise as a consequence of non-compliance to the Rules or legislation, as well as any kind of actions by the third parties.
  3. Private data management

    1. Private data submitted to the Website by Customer or User is being managed in compliance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy, the Act of Legal protection of private data in the Republic of Lithuania, other legal acts of Republic of Lithuania and European Union, regulating the protection of private data.
    2. Purposes of private data management in the Website:
      1. Provision of Website services, related to the services provided by UAB "VDB Digital group";
      2. Prevention of disputes, by having the information about actions performed in the Website by the Customer and User;
      3. Direct marketing purposes.
      4. In order to provide common notifications and Website news to you by email.
      5. Other purposes than the ones provided in the Policy's sub-paragraphs 3.2.1 - 3.2.3 are not applicable.
    3. Basis of private data management in the Website:
      1. Basis of data being managed for the purposes provided in the Policy's sub-paragraphs 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 is the provision of services.
      2. Basis of data being managed for the purpose provided in the Policy's sub-paragraph 3.2.3 is the consent of the Customer or User.
    4. Customer or User chooses to provide or not provide the consent to manage their private data for direct marketing purposes at the time of registration on the Website. This consent to manage private data for direct marketing purposes can be revoked any time by the Customer or User in the Website.
    5. Only these kinds of data are being managed for direct marketing purposes: Name or company name, email. All other private data (including name or company name, email) is being managed for the purposes provided in the Policy's sub-paragraphs 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.
    6. When the Customer is a natural person, these categories of private data is being managed in the Website:
      1. Name;
      2. Surname;
      3. Email address;
      4. Year of birth;
      5. City, country;
      6. Phone number, if advertisement is being published.
    7. User's private data provided in the Policy's sub-paragraphs 3.6.1 - 3.6.6 is being managed in the Website.
    8. Only a part of User's private data may be managed in case the other part is not provided by the User.
    9. When the Customer is a legal person, these categories of private data are being managed in the Website:
      1. Customer's representative's (responsible person's) name, surname;
      2. Customer's title;
      3. Customer's legal code;
      4. Data, provided in the Policy's sub-paragraphs 3.6.3 - 3.6.6.
    10. Customer's and User's data is being managed until the Customer or User is registered on the Website and one year after the registration is over. When the provided period expires, private data is being destroyed or depersonalized.
    11. Customer's data is being destroyed together with their representatives' data.
    12. Private data is being destroyed irretrievably by deleting it from the Website'e information system and it's copies, if they exist. Private data is being depersonalized - its values are being changed by random set of symbols in a way that this data is impossible to restore or recognise in the future. Data destruction or depersonalization is considered the end of data management.
    13. The set of data is no longer considered private data if after desctruction, depersonalization or separation of the part of data it is impossible to determine the identity of data subject from the remaining data of the data set.
    14. If same data cannot be destroyed based on bidding, it is being stored in the system for the period of time which is set in the legal acts that regulate such documents' or data management and storage.
    15. Private data is not being disclosed to third parties except for the basis set by legal acts.
    16. To delete their account and all associated data, a user must send an official request via email. The request should be sent to [email protected] and must include the following information: email address specified during registration and a clear request to delete the account and all related data. The request will be processed in accordance with current data processing and privacy standards, and the user will be informed about the actions taken.
  4. Rights and duties of the parties

    1. User and Customer has a right to:
      1. contact the UAB "VDB Digital group" with request to provide information about the private data that is being managed in the Wbsite;
      2. contact the UAB "VDB Digital group" with request to correct private data in the Website and (or) stop the management of this kind of private data, except for storage - when the Website User reads the private data and determines it to be incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
      3. contact the UAB "VDB Digital group" in writing with request to destroy private data or stop the management of this kind of private data. In this case, the Customer and/or User understands that the services of the Website will no longer be provided for them.
    2. UAB "VDB Digital group" follows the principle that private data must be accurate, appropriate and only of the extent which is necessary for them to be collected and further managed. Therefore tha Customer and User commits to immediately update their private data in the Website if it changes, as it is set in a sub-paragraph 4.1.5 of the Rules.
    3. If UAB "VDB Digital group" doubts the correctness of the data provided by the Customer or User, or User's identity, UAB "VDB Digital group" has a right to restrict the Customer's or User's rights to log in to the Website and use its services until the doubtful data is checked and clarified.
    4. UAB "VDB Digital group" commits not to disclose Customer's and User's private data, including the fact of using the Website, to the third parties, except for the exceptions provided in the Policy's sub-paragraph 5.3.
  5. Cookies

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    Learn more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy.

  6. Final provisions

    1. Disputes are being solved based on the procedure, provided in the Final provisions of the Rules.
    2. Privacy Policy takes effect on the day of its announcement in the website and is valid indefinitely.

Privacy Policy last updated on 2024-03-12